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Perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) is a rare tumor which arises from mesenchymal tissues. It is predominant in the uterus, but very rare in the liver. To the best of our knowledge, less than 5 cases of PEComa of the liver have been reported. Herein we present two pathologically proven cases of PEComa of the liver, retrospectively analyze their(More)
In order to detect rice blast more rapidly, accurately and nondestructively, the identification and early warning models of rice blast were established in the present research. First of all, rice blast was divided into three grades according to the relative area of disease spots in rice leaf and laser induced chlorophyll fluorescence spectra of rice leaves(More)
This study was purposed to compare detectable rate of cytogenetic abnormalities including -5/5q-, -7/7q-, 20q-,+8, and -Y in MDS by FISH and metaphase cytogenetics, and to investigate the relationship between cytogenetic abnormalities and progression from MDS to acute leukemia. Metaphase cytogenetics and FISH testing for -5/5q-, -7/7q-, 20q-,+8, and -Y were(More)
A sensitive biosensor based on acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and carbon nanosphere (CNS) immobilized on a glassy carbon electrode was developed for the detection of pesticides by the inhibition of AChE activity. The inhibition effect of the pesticides resulted in a decrease of current response of the acetylthiocholine chloride that was used as a substrate to(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study is to investigate whether (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) micro-positron emission tomography-computed tomography (microPET-CT) can be used to monitor a metabolic response to gefitinib in nude mouse tumor xenografts. METHODS Sixteen nude mice were implanted with human A431 epidermoid carcinoma cells and ten with human(More)
In humans, the complete lack of tyrosine kinase ZAP70 function results in combined immunodeficiency (CID), with abnormal thymic development and defective T cell receptor (TCR) signaling of peripheral T cells, characterized by the selective absence of CD8+ T cells. So far, 15 unique ZAP70 mutations have been identified in approximately 20 patients with CID,(More)
This study was designed to discover filovirus entry inhibitors in a drug library of commercial medicines. One thousand and six hundred drugs were screened using the ZEBOV-GP/HIV model, a pseudovirus formed by an HIV-core packed with the Zaire Ebola virus glycoprotein. We identified 12 gonadal hormone drugs with inhibitory activities in ZEBOV-GP/HIV entry at(More)
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