Li-na Sun

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Magnetostriction of ferromagnetic materials describes the change of their shape or dimension in response to the reorientation of magnetization under the influence of external magnetic field. Fe(100-x)Ga(x) binary alloys (Galfenol) have large magnetostriction and excellent ductility; and they are very promising rare-earth free materials for applications in(More)
Phytoremediation is an effective method to remediate Pb-contaminated soils and root exudates play an important role in this process. Based on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and metabolomics method, this study focuses on the comparative metabolic profiling analysis of root exudates from the Pb-accumulating and non-accumulating ecotypes of Sedum(More)
Based on DFT + U and Berry curvature calculations, we study the electronic structures and topological properties of 3d transition metal (TM) atom (from Ti to Co) adsorbed germanene (TM-germanene). We find that valley-polarized anomalous Hall effect (VAHE) can be realized in germanene by adsorbing Cr, Mn, or Co atoms on its surface. A finite valley Hall(More)
Applying two-dimensional monolayer materials in nanoelectronics and spintronics is hindered by a lack of ordered and separately distributed spin structures. We investigate the electronic and magnetic properties of one-dimensional zigzag and armchair 3d transition metal (TM) nanowires on graphyne (GY), using density functional theory plus Hubbard U (DFT +(More)
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