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A malathion-resistant (RM) strain of Culex pipiens pallens Coq was obtained by successively selecting a field population with malathion in the laboratory. The synergistic effect of iprobenfos on malathion toxicity and alpha-naphthyl acetate (alpha-NA) esterase assay revealed that malathion resistance in the RM strain was associated with increased alpha-NA(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure the shear bond strength of Gluma/Lumifor (Gluma and Lumifor--Columbus Dental, St. Louis, MO) to the occlusal dentin of primary first and second molars, permanent first and second molars and premolars. The data were examined for differences using a one-way analysis of variance and Duncan's Multiple Range test. The(More)
BACKGROUND Due to its high prevalence and associated sight-threatening pathologies, myopia has emerged as a major health issue in East Asia. The purpose was to test the impact on myopia development of a school-based intervention program aimed at increasing the time student spent outdoors. METHODS A total of 3051 students of two primary (grades 1-5, aged(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the expression of apoptosis and cell proliferation molecules in pterygium tissues of Chinese patients. METHODS Thirty-three pterygia were surgically removed using the bare sclera procedure, and 23 normal bulbar conjunctivas were also obtained. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-wax-embedded tissues were analyzed by immunohistochemistry with anti-(More)
The study was to report a new two-point scleral-fixation technique for foldable intraocular lenses with four haptics. Lenses were slid into the anterior chamber from a 2.8 mm corneal incision and fixed under two sclera flaps at two opposite points. The postoperative best-corrected visual acuities (BCVAs) of all patients were significantly better than their(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the prophylactic effects of senna extract 40 mg/kg on chemotherapy-induced constipation. METHODS Eighty-two patients suffering from constipation after chemotherapy were assigned to Group AB and Group BA. Group AB referred to patients who first took senna extract in the 1st chemotherapeutic course and the crude fiber diet in the 2nd(More)
AIM To find new biomarkers for uveal melanoma (UM) by analyzing the serum peptidome profile. METHODS Proteomic spectra in patients with UM before and after operation were analyzed and compared with those of healthy controls. Magnetic affinity beads were used to capture serum peptides and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight(More)
A combination of Cu2O nanoparticles with P(o-tol)3 shows highly catalytic activity for the Stille cross-coupling reaction. A series of copper catalysts and ligands were evaluated, and Cu2O nanoparticles combined with P(o-tol)3 provided the best results. In the presence of Cu2O nanoparticles and P(o-tol)3, a variety of aryl halides including aryl chlorides(More)
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