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Adrenergic signaling that controls the contraction of cardiac myocyte cells and the beating of the mammalian heart is initiated by ligand binding to adrenergic receptors contained in nanoscale multiprotein complexes at the cellular membrane. Here we demonstrate that the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) of functionalized silver nanoparticles can be(More)
A total of 80 cooling tower water samples were investigated for legionellae using both cultural and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods. PCR was performed with the Perkin Elmer EnviroAmp Legionella kit. Forty-seven samples (58.8%) were found positive by both methods; 29 samples (36.3%) were positive by PCR only, while four samples (5%) showed PCR(More)
Brain injury can lead to irreversible tissue loss and functional deficit along with significant health care costs. Raman spectroscopy can be used as a non-invasive technique to provide detailed information on the molecular composition of diseased and damaged tissues. This technique was used to examine acute mouse brain injury, focusing on the motor cortex,(More)
Raman and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopies have the potential to aid in detailed longitudinal studies of RNA localization. Here, we evaluate the use of carbon-deuterium and benzonitrile functional group labels as contrast agents for vibrational imaging of hepatitis C virus (HCV) replicon RNA. Dynamic light scattering and atomic(More)
Multiplexed SERS imaging of receptor proteins on the surface of mammalian cells has been carried out using functionalized silver nanoparticles. Deconvolution of four differently functionalized nanoparticles is readily achieved, and using this approach, receptor co-localization can be probed and protein-protein interactions can be elucidated at the surface(More)
Because antibodies are highly target-specific and nanoparticles possess diverse, material-dependent properties that can be exploited in order to label and potentially identify biomolecules, the development of antibody-nanoparticle conjugates (nanoconjugates) has huge potential in biodiagnostics. Here, we describe a novel superparamagnetic nanoconjugate, one(More)
A recombinant VH single-domain antibody recognizing staphylococcal protein A was functionalized on reactive lysine residues with N-hydroxysuccimidyl-activated 4-cyanobenzoate. Surface plasmon resonance analysis of antibody-antigen binding revealed that modified and unmodified antibodies bound protein A with similar affinities. Raman imaging of the modified(More)
Water-soluble carborane functionalized nanoparticles also co-functionalized with targeting antibodies have been prepared. We demonstrate tumour cell targeting with anti-EGFR antibodies and delivery of a high concentration of boron using SERS imaging. This suggests these materials have a therapeutic potential in addition to multimodal imaging capabilities.
One hundred and seventy-eight samples from 168 individuals were tested for Mycobacterum tuberculosis complex (Mtc) using Amplicor PCR, IS6110-PCR (in-house), acid fast (AF)-staining and culture. Thirty-one samples were positive by culture, but 37 samples were later resolved to be truly positive for Mtc. Of these, Amplicor detected 32 (86.5%), IS6110-PCR(More)