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Aquatic organotin pollution in Taiwan.
Diel patterns of larval release by five brooding scleractinian corals
Variations in diel patterns of planula release show that variable strategies of reproductive timing exist for brooding species, and the majority of planulae of these 4 species being released in the dark might be beneficial for minimizing predation effects.
Towards the Small and the Beautiful: A Small Dibromotyrosine Derivative from Pseudoceratina sp. Sponge Exhibits Potent Apoptotic Effect through Targeting IKK/NFκB Signaling Pathway
The results of a set of experiments designed to reveal the underlying mechanism of DT cytotoxic activity against K562 cells suggested that DT can act as a topoisomerase II catalytic inhibitor, unlike the clinical anticancer drug, etoposide, which acts as aTopoisomersase poison.
Low Levels of Genetic Differentiation among Populations of the Coral-Inhabiting Snail Coralliophila violacea (Gastropoda: Coralliophilidae) in Regions of the Kuroshio and South China Sea
Low levels of genetic differentiation among populations of the coral-inhabiting snail Coralliophila violacea in regions of the Kuroshio and South China Sea are investigated by examining allozyme variations at 6 polymorphic loci.
Effects of Nuclear Power Plant Thermal Effluent on Marine Sessile Invertebrate Communities in Southern Taiwan
The present study aimed at determining the impact of cooling water discharge from a Nuclear Power Plant in Kenting, Taiwan on the recruitment patterns of marine invertebrates. Field experiments were