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Triethylamine‐Catalyzed Domino Reactions of 1,3‐Thiazolidinedione: A Facile Access to Functionalized Dihydrothiophenes
In the presence of triethylamine as base catalyst, aromatic amines have successfully been used as substrates in the domino reactions of 1,3-thiazolidinedione, malononitrile, and aromatic aldehydes.Expand
Highly efficient enantioselective construction of bispirooxindoles containing three stereocenters through an organocatalytic cascade Michael-cyclization reaction.
Bispirooxindole derivatives containing three stereocenters, including two spiro quaternary centers, were synthesized in a high-yielding, atypically rapid, and stereocontrolled cascadeExpand
Synthesis of dihydrothiophenes or spirocyclic compounds by domino reactions of 1,3-thiazolidinedione.
The domino reactions of 1,3-thiazolidinedione, malononitrile, and aromatic aldehydes in the presence of different organic amines were studied to derive domino ring-opening/recyclization reactions of dihydrothiophene derivatives. Expand
Facile construction of 1,2,6,7,12,12b-hexahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizines via one-pot three-component reactions of tryptamines, propiolate, and α,β-unsaturated aromatic aldehydes or ketones
Abstract In the presence of anhydrous ZnCl2 the one-pot three-component reaction of tryptamines, propiolates, and α,β-unsaturated aldehydes as well as arylideneacetones afforded the functionalizedExpand
An improved procedure for determining 90Sr in groundwater based on cation-exchange enrichment and solid-phase extraction
AbstractAn improved procedure was developed using cation exchange enrichment and solid-phase extraction to determine 90Sr in groundwater. Sr desorption from cation exchange column and sorption onExpand
Thermostability of Protein Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Analysis of the exponent β, which is related to the scattering spectrum and constant-pressure heat capacity Cp, reveals the respective contribution of a specific residue 228 proline; a specific salt bridge; four ions; and a different water environment to the thermostability of TC23O. Expand
Crystal structure and fluorescence sensing properties of tetramethoxyresorcinarene functionalized Schiff bases
Abstract A series of tertamethoxyresorcinarene functionalized Schiff bases were conveniently prepared by the reaction of resorcinarene ester derivatives with excess of ethylenediamine and thenExpand
Domino reaction of arylamine, methyl propiolate, aromatic aldehyde, and indole for facile synthesis of functionalized indol-3-yl acrylates
In the presence of FeCl3 as catalyst the one-pot domino reactions of arylamines, methyl propiolate, aromatic aldehydes, and indole in ethanol at room temperature proceeded smoothly to give methylExpand
A Zn(II)‐Containing Coordination Polymer: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and pH Fluorescent Sensing
In this work, a Zn(II)-containing coordination polymer, [Zn2(2,4′-tmbpt)2(o-bdc)2]·5H2O (1) [2,4′-tmbpt = 1-((1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)methyl)-3-(4-pyridyl)-5-(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole and o-H2bdc =Expand
A novel four-component reaction involving ring-opening/recyclization of 1,3-thiazolidinedione
The multicomponent reactions of 1,3-thiazolidinedione, malononitrile, aromatic aldehydes and α-phenylethylamine or β-phenylethylamine in acetonitrile at room temperature produce dihydrothiopheneExpand