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Enterovirus 71 (EV71) infection is the main cause of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and has been associated with severe neurological diseases resulting in high mortalities. In this study, six EV71 strains isolated from patients with different clinical symptoms were sequenced and analyzed in a mouse model of EV71 infection. In a phylogenetic tree, based(More)
The hyperspectral effective information of Gannan navel orange was extracted by genetic algorithm (GA) and successive projections algorithm (SPA) for partial least squares (PLS) model. Average spectral was extracted from region of interest (ROD) of hyperspectral images after preprocessing. GA and SPA were used to select 27 and 8 characteristic wavelengths(More)
Kv4.3 channel is present in many mammalian tissues, predominantly in the heart and central nervous system. Its currents are transient, characterized by rapid activation and inactivation. In the hearts of most mammals, it is responsible for repolarization of the action potential of ventricular myocytes and is important in the regulation of the heart rate.(More)
The pixels were 2 048 or 3 648 for the most Si charge coupled device dector. The interval between the adjacent wavelengths was few. The pretreatment could not deal with the spectra well. Spectral matrix was reconstructed by equal interval extraction in the wavelength range of 600.09-980.47nm. The variables for developing partial least squares (PLS) models(More)
Heavy metal ions in plants can be determined by using the near-infrared spectral (NIRS) technique, because they combine with the organic molecular groups that have NIRS absorptions. The present article analyzed the fast detection of heavy metal Cu in Ludwigia prostrata leaves by near infrared diffuse spectral technology. Different preprocessing methods were(More)
Many human genes determined by genomic sequencing have only few information about their functions. To fill this knowledge gap, the powerful Drosophila genetics was set as a model to elucidate human gene functions effectively. By using germline transformation together with GAL4-UAS system, we studied the possibility of expressing and functionally(More)
Near infrared diffuse reflectance (NIRS) and ultraviolet (UV) spectral analysis were adopted for quantitative determination of octane number and monoaromatics in fuel oil. Partial least squares regression (PLSR) was used for construction of vibrational spectral calibration models. Variables selection strategy based on mutual information (MI) theory was(More)
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