Li-juan Feng

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In recent years, nitrogen pollution has been increasingly serious in environmental waters in China, especially in drinking source. Seven predominant aerobic denitrifiers were isolated and characterized from the oligotrophic ecosystems. Based on their phenotypic and phylogenetic characteristics, the isolates were identified as the genera of Pseudomonas,(More)
INTRODUCTION An aerobic denitrifier was isolated from the Hua-Jia-Chi pond in China and identified as Pseudomonas mendocina 3-7 (Genbank No. HQ285879). This isolated strain could express periplasmic nitrate reductase which is essential for aerobic denitrification occurred when the dissolved oxygen (DO) level maintains at 3-10 mg L(-1). METHODS To(More)
An enhanced lab-scale biofilm pretreatment process treating raw water obtained from eutrophicated water bodies was established and started up with a novel strategy of low-level nutrients addition and effluent recirculation. Results showed that the startup strategy was useful for biofilm formation and pollutants removal, but it had the risks of increasing(More)
The quality of raw water is getting worse in developing countries because of the inadequate treatment of municipal sewage, industrial wastewater and agricultural runoff. Aiming at the biofilm enrichment and pollutant removal, two pilot-scale biofilm reactors were built with different biological carriers. Results showed that compared with the blank carrier,(More)
A novel drinking water biofilm pretreatment process with reed addition was established for enhancement of simultaneously organics and nitrogen removal. Results showed that nitrate removal efficiency was positively related with the influent C/N ratio, reaching to 87.8±2.8% at the C/N ratio of 4.7. However, the predicted trichloromethane (THM) levels based on(More)
Taking Dahlia pinnata 'Fenxishi' as test material, this paper studied its leaf physiological and biochemical responses to different degrees of drought stress and re-watering. With the increasing extent and duration of drought stress, the leaf relative water content, water potential, and chlorophyll content of D. pinnata 'Fenxishi' decreased significantly,(More)
BACKGROUND The cytochrome P450 lanosterol 14alpha-demethylase (Erg11p) encoded by ERG11 gene is the primary target for azole antifungals. Changes in azole affinity of this enzyme caused by amino acid substitutions have been reported as a mechanism of azole antifungal resistance. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between amino acid(More)
The initial formation of biofilm and the removal performance of pollutants in biological pretreatment process for polluted raw water were limited due to the oligotrophic niche in raw water. In this study, the feasibility of using pre-inoculation biofilm formed under nutrients enhanced condition for polluted raw water treatment was analyzed in nine batch(More)
BACKGROUND, AIM, AND SCOPE The start-up pattern of biofilm remediation system affects the biofilm characteristics and operating performances. The objective of this study was to evaluate the performances of the contaminated source water remediation systems with different start-up patterns in view of the pollutants removal performances and microbial community(More)
A lab-scale novel bio-diatomite biofilm process (BDBP) was established for the polluted raw water pretreatment in this study. Results showed that a shorter startup period of BDBP system was achieved under the completely circulated operation mode, and the removal efficiencies of nitrogen and disinfection by-product precursor were effective at low hydraulic(More)