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Most UAV flight control system simulation was used for evaluating the quality of UAV and designing it, however, the results failed to conform to actual flight laws. According to the need of UAV simulator in actually, a new way which was convenient for engineering computing and appropriated for simulation training was built for simulating flight control(More)
The yield and quality of rice are directly impacted by floral organ development in rice. Understanding of the floral development mechanism will be useful in genetic improvement of yield and quality. In this study, a rice mutant palea degradation 2 (pd2) in an indica cultivar '8PW33' was obtained after 60Co γ-ray treatment. Analysis of the mutant showed(More)
The synthesis, and X-ray crystal structure of the inclusion host-guest complex of dodecamethylcucurbit[6]uril (DDMeQ[6]) with 1,4-dihydroxybenzene (DHOBEN) are reported. The complex crystallizes in the space group P21/c (No.14) with a =12.2847(4), b = 12.6895(4), c = 15.1310(4) A, alpha = 74.6960(10), beta = 71.4090(10), gamma = 86.5090(10) degrees and Z =(More)
Dwarf mutants in plants are crucial for elucidating regulatory mechanisms for plant growth and development. Previous studies suggested that the heterotrimeric G-protein alpha subunit known as D1/RGA1 in rice was involved in deactivation function of the G protein. However, so far no partner has been analyzed the spatial structure change acting with D1. In(More)
In the scene simulation system of UAV, 3D imaging was generated by method -based DEM and massive orthograph that displayed real terrain. The imaging was very realistic. The system adopted the method of cutting down scene based on line of sight, image of cache based on frame and texture swapping, to enhance the speed of PC, and improve performance of the(More)
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