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—In metro passenger information systems (PISs), frequent train handoffs can cause severe video distortion. In this paper, we take an integrated design approach to jointly optimize application-layer parameters and handoff decisions to improve video transmission quality over PISs. We present a train-ground video communication network based on fountain codes(More)
—This work intends to understand and model the kinetic aspect or the change of substrate weight over time in the selective growth of silica nanowires (NWs) catalyzed through Pd thin film. Various adsorption-induced, diffusion-induced, or unified vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth models have been developed to describe the NW length varying with time. Since NW(More)
We present features of next generation SONET, focusing particularly on path management. Factors such as QoS metrics and path protection are keys to realize automatic and dynamic path management. Two algorithms (the sequential algorithm and the parallel algorithm) to provide QoS and protection path in SONET are proposed and discussed in details. They balance(More)