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Association of IL‐1 polymorphisms and IL‐1 serum levels with susceptibility to nasopharyngeal carcinoma
The rs3783553 (TTCA insertion or deletion) polymorphism of the IL‐1A gene was significantly associated with the susceptibility to NPC, and the variant homozygote genotype +/+ was associated with a significantly reduced risk of NPC as compared with the wild homozygotes −/− genotype.
The polymorphisms of osteopontin gene and plasma osteopontin protein levels with susceptibility to colorectal carcinoma.
The results suggested that the rs9138 and rs1126616 of OPN were associated with CRC risk, and the OPN protein in plasma may be a potential tumor marker of CRC.
Analysis of the nicastrin promoter rs10752637 polymorphism and its association with Alzheimer’s disease
The results indicate that the rs10752637 SNP can likely influence the expression of NCSTN, and that this may be an influencing factor during the pathogenesis of AD.
PD-1 Polymorphisms Are Associated with Susceptibility of Acute Anterior Uveitis in Chinese Population.
The results showed that SNPs rs2227982 and rs10204525 were interrelated to AAU; the influence on AAU could be related with gender, HLA-B27, and AS status.
Molecular Cloning and Analysis of a Novel Gene, NAG23 (FBXO 30),Upregulated in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
NAG23 is a novel gene upregulated in NPC, which likely encode an F box protein and may be involved in development of NPC.
Analysis of Platelet Surface Expression CD62P and CD40L Levels in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
Platelet surface expression CD62P and CD40L levels, which are significantly higher in the T2DM with CHD patients and were positively correlated with serum level of hs-CRP, may be useful markers for predicting the presence of coronary artery disease in T1DM patients.