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Presented in this paper is a multi-scale analysis for environmental dispersion in a three-layer wetland for predicting the critical length of contaminant cloud that derives from instantaneous emission. The analysis of dependence of the dispersivity on characteristic parameters is determined. Longitudinal concentration distribution centered at the origin of(More)
RFID is non-contact automatic identification technology which could be applied to various industries extensively. Accessing the vehicle speed range in freeway, we could use RFID technology to manage vehicles. Then we could determine whether the vehicles are overspeed. Therefore, the use of RFID technology can effectively reduce speeding violations and(More)
We previously reported that ultraviolet light B (UVB)-treated human platelets (hPLTs) can cause acute lung injury (ALI) in a two-event SCID mouse model in which the predisposing event was Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) injection and the second event was infusion of UVB-treated hPLTs. To delineate contributions of host mouse platelets (mPLTs) and neutrophils in(More)
Various types of emergency events occur frequently at present. Multiple transportation modes are used to rapidly and efficiently deliver relief goods to emergency location according to the severity of disaster. Emergency relief goods multi-mode transportation model is designed. Multiple transportation modes are considered and its aim is weighted time(More)
Improving Agrobacterium -mediated transformation frequency and event quality by increasing binary plasmid copy number and appropriate strain selection is reported in an elite maize cultivar. Agrobacterium-mediated maize transformation is a well-established method for gene testing and for introducing useful traits in a commercial biotech product pipeline. To(More)
High-mobility group box (HMGB) proteins are ubiquitous, abundant nuclear non-histone chromosomal proteins that play a critical role in binding to distorted DNA structures and subsequently regulating DNA transcription, replication, repair, and recombination. Both HMGB1 and HMGB2 exhibit a high expression in several human cancers and are closely associated(More)
Wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) models emphasize QoS guarantee. We provide QoS guarantee to measure the qualitative performance of QoS routing model, such as bandwidth, delay and delay jitter. A path that satisfies with the QoS is found by the Directed Diffusion (DD) algorithm in this paper, and an incomplete information game routing model is(More)
Clinical studies have shown hyperuricemia strongly associated with insulin resistance as well as cardiovascular disease. Direct evidence of how high uric acid (HUA) affects insulin resistance in cardiomyocytes, but the pathological mechanism of HUA associated with cardiovascular disease remains to be clarified. We aimed to examine the effect of HUA on(More)
Wireless multimedia sensor networks are often used to transfer large amount of data such as audio, video and image, and to process complicated tasks. In recent years, the interest in WMSNs are growing dramatically. An algorithm of multicast routing based on genetic algorithm(GA) is presented in this paper. This algorithm provides multiple QoS guarantee,(More)
In recent years there has been a growing interest in wireless sensor networks(WSN)applications. Such sensor networks can be used to control temperature, humidity,contamination,pollution etc.Positon information of individual nodes is useful in implementing functions such as routing and querying in ad-hoc networks. The DV- Hop is a main stream localization(More)