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An adaptive forwarding protocol (AFP) for 3D Flying Ad Hoc Networks (FANETs) is proposed in this paper. The main objective is to calculate forwarding probability adaptively in order to increase the efficiency of forwarding in FANETs. The Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) nodes with longer distance to the last hop forwarder and closer to the destination rebroadcast(More)
Ion-exchange polymer metal composite(IPMC) is one kind of electroactive polymer(EAP) material, which is also called artificial muscle. Like most smart materials, such as piezoelectric, shape memory alloys (SMA), hysteresis also exits in IPMC. Based on the property of classic Preisach model, a discrete Preisach model, which was simulated using MATLAB,(More)
A novel efficient forwarding protocol (NEFP) for 3-D underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) is proposed in this paper. Three strategies are adopted in NEFP. Firstly, the forwarding zone is presented to avoid the unnecessary forwarding. Secondly, in order to balance the energy consumption and reduce the collisions between the neighboring nodes, the time(More)
As increasing of small space objects in low earth orbit, more and more three-dimensional radars are adopted for space surveillance. In the form of radial velocity and radial acceleration, Doppler characteristics of LEO space object which are essential for small object detection are studied. Based on orbit inclination and object position, a new algorithm to(More)
Existing methods for optimal configuration of multi-sensor suited for two dimension only or use numerical simulation to search optimal configuration, only sub-optimum solution can be realized. Based on evaluation index of Cramer-Rao lower bound(CRLB) of positioning, an universal method to obtain analytic solutions for optimal configuration is proposed.(More)
  • Xu Can, Li Zhi
  • 2012
Joint probability density algorithm (JPDA) is a novel algorithm in multi-sensor data fusion and it provides a new approach for target localization. Generally, more sensors could make higher precision of localization when JPDA is adopted, but there is no full theoretical support so far. According to the region of interesting (ROI) generated by JPDA in(More)
  • Qi Lin, Li Zhi
  • 2011
Evaluation of satellite-network is becoming an important issue in development of satellite network, and characteristics of satellite-network topology will have great effect on the system capacity. However, the study on effect of topologic characteristics is still lacked. It emphasizes on security capacity of satellite networks. The key elements are(More)
LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation), which is a new generation automation test system platform based on the mature Ethernet, has become an open-standard in the test and measure fields, and also LXI trigger bus is one key functional attribute for LXI Class A instruments. In accordance with LXI Standard Rev. 1.3, this paper proposes a scheme to design(More)
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