Li Zhi-jun

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When exploiting the deep resources, the surrounding rock readily undergoes the hole shrinkage, borehole collapse, and loss of circulation under high temperature and high pressure. A series of experiments were conducted to discuss the compressional wave velocity, triaxial strength, and permeability of granite cored from 3500 meters borehole under high(More)
Turbodrill is a type of hydraulic axial turbomachinery which has a multistage blade consisting of stators and rotors. In this paper, a turbodrill blade that can be applied in crystallized section under high temperature and pressure conditions is developed. On the basis of Euler equations, the law of energy transfer is analyzed and the output characteristics(More)
Audio steganography with AES for real-time covert voice over internet protocol communications. Optimal pilots design for frequency offsets and channel estimation in OFDM modulated single frequency networks. Load diversity based optimal processing resource allocation for super base stations in centralized radio access networks. The relationship between(More)
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