Li Zhe

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Synchronized regulation of cell division during gastrulation is essential for the regional proliferation of cells and pattern formation of the early CNS. The neural plate and neuroectoderm cells are a rapidly dividing and differentiating population of cells with a unique and rapid heat-shock response. Heat shock and the heat-shock genes were studied during(More)
From a computational theory of V1, we formulate an optimization problem to investigate neural properties in the primary visual cortex (V1) from human reaction times (RTs) in visual search. The theory is the V1 saliency hypothesis that the bottom-up saliency of any visual location is represented by the highest V1 response to it relative to the background(More)
It has been hypothesized that neural activities in the primary visual cortex (V1) represent a saliency map of the visual field to exogenously guide attention. This hypothesis has so far provided only qualitative predictions and their confirmations. We report this hypothesis' first quantitative prediction, derived without free parameters, and its(More)
This paper develops Ant Colony optimization (ACO) algorithm and applies it to energy control and congestion control on wireless sensor network route. The pheromone and the energy of the node are combined to affect the pheromone consent ration in optimization path, which can avoid network congestion and fast consume of energy of individual node. Then it can(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a type of small non-coding RNAs that are often play important roles in carcinogenesis, but the carcinogenic mechanism of miRNAs is still unclear. This study will investigate the function and the mechanism of miR-638 in carcinoma (GC). The expression of miR-638 in GC and the DNA copy number of miR-638 were detected by real-time PCR.(More)
Cluster structure is a suitable solution in the large scale MANET to enhance the network scalability and clustering security is a challenging problem. After analyzing the attack in the process of clustering, we designed a detection scheme. The normal basic actions of the clustering can be modeled by an extended finite state machine according to the(More)
There are many parameters embedded in PARAMICS, a microscopic traffic simulation model. The model must be calibrated before use, to ensure the results derived from it to be realistic and reasonable. This paper presents a procedure for the calibration and validation of PARAMICS with toll data. The important parameters of PARAMICS are identified using(More)
Power consumption is a serious consideration in Network-on-Chip (NoC) mapping research area. Most NoC mapping approaches use heuristic algorithms to solve this NP-Complete problem. In this paper, a new swarm intelligence optimization named artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC) with chaos mechanism is proposed. Use the disorder and ergodicity features of(More)
A new architecture of cable-free seismometers is designed based on advanced wireless network technology. The system is based on Wi-Fi and GPS by improvement of traditional cable based seismic exploration system. According to the specification, the protocol of application layer is designed. The interface of seismometer and wireless module is designed.(More)