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Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity is highly related to the undesirable browning of wheat-based end products, especially Asian noodles. Characterization of PPO genes and the development of their functional markers are of great importance for marker-assisted selection in wheat breeding. In the present study, complete genomic DNA sequences of two PPO genes,(More)
The enzyme activity of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) in grain has been related to undersirable brown discoloration of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) based end-products, particularly for Asian noodles. Breeding wheat cultivars with low PPO activity is the best approach to reduce the undesirable darkening. Molecular markers could greatly improve selection(More)
Until recently, celiac disease (CD) was felt to be a rare disease in the United States. The aim of this study was to conduct a systematic review of the prevalence of CD in general Western populations and in populations at high risk for CD. Standard systematic review methodology was used. A literature search was conducted in MEDLINE (1966 to October 2003)(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac cell therapy for older patients who experience a myocardial infarction may require highly regenerative cells from young, healthy (allogeneic) donors. Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are currently under clinical investigation because they can induce cardiac repair and may also be immunoprivileged (suitable for allogeneic(More)
This study examined the epidemiology, antibiotic susceptibility, and serotype distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae associated with invasive and noninvasive pneumococcal disease in children in China. A total of 451 clinical isolates from children (age, <5 years) were collected from 8 cities from January 2005 to December 2006, including 31 isolated from(More)
Carbon storage in forest vegetation of Fujian Province plays a significant role in the terrestrial carbon budget in China. The purposes of this study are: (1) to evaluate how the afforestation and reforestation programs established in Fujian Province influence carbon storage in forest ecosystems; (2) to assess the influence of tree species, forest age and(More)
Clinicians are increasingly utilizing noninvasive serologic tests for the diagnosis and screening of celiac disease (CD). The aim of this study was to conduct a systematic review of the diagnostic performance of serologic tests for the diagnosis and screening of CD. Standard systematic review methodology was used. A literature search was conducted in(More)
In radio resource management of Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS), User Equipment (UE) feedback can be used by evolved Node B (eNB) to improve the radio spectral efficiency. As UE feedback is costly we here suggest schemes to reduce the uplink feedback while maintaining the spectral efficiency. For the 3 schemes analyzed in this paper we utilize(More)
Polyamines (putrescine, spermidine, and spermine) are present in all higher eukaryotic cells and are essential for cell growth, differentiation and apoptosis. Sharing common precursor with polyamines, nitric oxide (NO) is associated with myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury by the generation of peroxynitrite. Although polyamines have been implicated in(More)
Evidences have been provided that long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) act as key molecules in epigenetic regulation and are involved in the development process of cancer in recent studies. HOX transcript antisense RNA (HOTAIR), a long intergenic noncoding RNA (lincRNA), functions as a molecular scaffold to link and target two histone modification complexes PRC2(More)