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This paper develops a number of Riemann solvers for a conserved higher-order traffic flow model, which are derived firstly by expressing its exact Riemann solver through that of the LWR model, and then by replacing the exact Riemann solver of the LWR model with the corresponding approximate Riemann solvers in the expression. Being applied to design a(More)
An extended optimal velocity traffic flow model on two lanes including a bus stop and a bus deceleration area is proposed. The fundamental diagram is classified into seven distinct traffic states with the variation of density. Two new traffic states are found. One of them shows that lane-changing occurs frequently whether in front of or behind the bus, the(More)
Based on the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NaSch) model of traffic flow, we study the effects of the orders of the evolutive rule on traffic flow. It has been found from simulation that the cellular automaton (CA) traffic model is very sensitively dependent on the orders of the evolutive rule. Changing the evolutive steps of the NaSch model will result in two(More)
In this paper, a generalized Trefftz method in plane elasticity is developed , for solving problems in an arbitrary multiply connected domain. Firstly, the relations between Trefftz basis functions from different source points are discussed, by using the binomial theorem and the logarithmic binomial theorem. Based on these theorems, we clearly explain the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of robust state-feedback controller design for discrete event systems (plants) with internal uncertainty. We use a collection of deterministic vector discrete event systems (VDES) to model an uncertain plant N. The lower and upper bound VDES of the plant N are constituted from the collection of VDES. According to the lower(More)
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