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Accurate electric load forecasting has become the most important issue in energy management; however, electric load demonstrates a seasonal/cyclic tendency from economic activities or the cyclic nature of climate. The applications of the support vector regression (SVR) model to deal with seasonal/cyclic electric load forecasting have not been widely(More)
Application of support vector regression (SVR) with evolutionary algorithms could significantly improve forecasting accuracy and effectively avoid converging prematurely. However, the tendency of electric load sometimes reveals cyclic changes due to seasonal economic activities or climate seasonal nature. the applications of SVR model to deal with cyclic(More)
Keywords: Demand forecasting Genetic algorithm–simulated annealing (GA–SA) Support vector regression (SVR) Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) General regression neural networks (GRNN) Third generation (3G) mobile phone a b s t r a c t Taiwan is one of the countries with higher mobile phone penetration rate in the world, along with the(More)