Li-Yueh Chen

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Application of support vector regression (SVR) with evolutionary algorithms could significantly improve forecasting accuracy and effectively avoid converging prematurely. However, the tendency of electric load sometimes reveals cyclic changes due to seasonal economic activities or climate seasonal nature. the applications of SVR model to deal with cyclic(More)
Accurate electric load forecasting has become the most important issue in energy management; however, electric load demonstrates a seasonal/cyclic tendency from economic activities or the cyclic nature of climate. The applications of the support vector regression (SVR) model to deal with seasonal/cyclic electric load forecasting have not been widely(More)
Keywords: Demand forecasting Genetic algorithm–simulated annealing (GA–SA) Support vector regression (SVR) Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) General regression neural networks (GRNN) Third generation (3G) mobile phone a b s t r a c t Taiwan is one of the countries with higher mobile phone penetration rate in the world, along with the(More)
Let G be a graph. For two vertices u and v in G, we denote d(u, v) the distance between u and v. Let j, k be positive integers with j > k. An L(j, k)labelling for G is a function f : V (G) → {0, 1, 2, · · ·} such that for any two vertices u and v, |f(u) − f(v)| is at least j if d(u, v) = 1; and is at least k if d(u, v) = 2. The span of f is the difference(More)
Along with the increases of 3G relevant products and the updating regulations of 3G phones, 3G phones are gradually replacing 2G phones as the mainstream product in Taiwan. Taiwan will be the country with higher 3G phone penetration rate in the world. Therefore, accurate 3G phones demand forecasting is necessary for those communication related enterprises.(More)
Although previous studies have concluded that Internet use can help students in learning and research, a number of empirical investigations have confirmed that Internet addiction or excessive Internet use has negative effect on students. Thus, if the Internet does not always benefit students, under which conditions can Internet use have positive effects?(More)