Li Yong

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Image sensing at a small scale is essentially important in many fields, including microsample observation, defect inspection, material characterization and so on. However, nowadays, multi-directional micro object imaging is still very challenging due to the limited field of view (FOV) of microscopes. This paper reports a novel approach for multi-directional(More)
In order to reduce the effect on node positioning accuracy due to received signal strength (RSSI) fluctuation in wireless sensor network (WSN), a grid localization algorithm based on RSSI probability distribution is proposed. From analyzing the wireless propagation channel model, it divides the location area into grids. Through comparing the value of RSSI(More)
This paper is to study the evolution of herding behaviors in public opinion propagation and present an analysis of the general rules of herding behaviors using an evolution model of herding behavior in public opinion propagation. Through the behavior spreads among decision making individuals, this paper described the process of herding behavior in public(More)
This paper makes a detailed analysis on the structure and environment of China's e-commerce development by means of grey incidence analysis. The results of the analysis show that China should make more efforts to construct the network infrastructure in its central and western regions and boost the development of e-commerce in rural areas; it should further(More)
Some regions of objects will be measured incorrectly or can't be measured in optical 3D measurement system based on coded structured light, due to occlusion, shadow, transfer function of measurement system and noise etc. To obtain 3D data as much as possible and as correctly as possible, we proposed a method using improved binary spatio-temporal encoded(More)
—The next generation of wireless networks (e.g., Long Term Evolution (LTE) [1] and WiMAX [2]) use multiple techniques to improve channel spectral efficiencies. In this paper we focus on one such technique, namely Coordinated Beam Switching (CBS). With CBS, each sector determines a sequence of beams (possibly with repetitions) over which it continuously(More)
It is well known that Pseudo Chaotic Time Hoping modulation method used in UWB system helps reduce the spectrum spike appearing in the conventional impulse radio system. Unlike a typical TH-UWB, the PCTH-UWB system exploits concepts from symbolic dynamics to generate aperiodic sequences which modulate the position of pulses. In this paper, the bit error(More)
To overcome premature searching by standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, a new modified PSO with information of the closest particle is proposed. In the algorithm, the particle is updated not only by the best previous position and the best position among all the particles in the swarm, but also by the best previous position of the closest(More)