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Considerable difference in artemisinin and its direct precursors, artemisinic acid and dihydroartemisinic acid, was detected between two chemotypes within the species Artemisia annua (A. annua). These two chemotypes showed differential metabolic response to methyl jasmonate (MeJA) elicitation. Exogenous application of MeJA resulted in an accumulation of(More)
A high-pressure digestive vessel was designed and used in the pretreatment of samples of human body materials. The method has been used in combination with neopolarographic anodic stripping voltammetry, oscillographic anodic stripping voltammetry and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry for trace analysis of lead in blood, hair and nails. The(More)
Sir2 is the most intensively discussed longevity gene in current aging research. Although, the gene encoding a NAD(+)-dependent histone deacetylase initially was found to extend lifespan of various organisms ranging from yeast to mammals, serious doubts regarding its role in longevity have been expressed recently. In this study, we tested whether(More)
BACKGROUND Plasma glutamine (Gln) level has been negatively correlated with the severity of severe acute pancreatitis (SAP). Although Gln is widely used today, the results of individual randomized controlled trials of Gln-enriched nutrition support for patients with SAP are conflicting. METHODS PubMed, EMBASE, HighWire, Cochrane Central Register of(More)
Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) is a very rare autosomal recessively inherited disorder. The main clinical features of the disorder consist of absence of reactions to noxious stimuli and inability to sweat under any conditions.In this case report, a 3-year-old Chinese boy diagnosed with CIPA presented with the core features of CIPA,(More)
Editorials 387 With a rapidly expanding consumer market , African countries have new opportunities to strengthen their manufacturing sectors. The current climate of rising foreign investment will boost national economies and has the potential to benefit the health sector too. African countries now have a historic opportunity to free themselves from a(More)
We set out to assess the performance and degree of agreement for the different automated hematology analyzers (AHAs) currently used within the Shanghai region. Analyzers from 5 different manufacturers were represented within the 114 hospitals that participated in this project: Abbott, ABX, Beckman Coulter, Nihon Kohden, and Sysmex. We determined the results(More)
Asynchronous circuit dramatically reduces power and electromagnetic emission with respect to synchronous case, and can be easily integrated in a system on a chip (SOC). De-synchronous circuit is a commonly used asynchronous circuit. A de-synchronous circuit design flow is described in this paper. The hybrid cell library, consisting of standard cells and(More)
With the development of Ad Hoc Network, the demand of the users becomes more and more than ever before, some business requires the ability not only to communicate, but also to guarantee delay and bandwidth. This paper puts forward a QoS-based multipath routing protocol QMPSR. It takes bandwidth and delay constraint into account, it can find several paths to(More)