Li Yong-hong

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This paper describes a 3D multi-static synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging system which utilises reflected GPS signals from moving objects on the Earth’s surface. The principle of bi-static radar is used to model the reflected GPS signals. The movement of a visible GPS satellite serves as a base for a synthetic aperture over an observation time period.(More)
-The factors influencing imaging quality of industrial digital radiographic imaging system are analyzed detailedly. This imaging system is a new type industrial digital radiographic imaging system developed by author, The structure of ray conversion screen and its non-uniformity, the discordance analysis of scientific grade CCD and vignetting effect of the(More)
To test the signal synchronization performance for the receiver, an IF GPS signal simulator is built by using FPGA based on IF GPS signal model. GPS signal simulator provides simulation signal source for the design and test of the GPS receiver. This paper presents a digital simulation output of the GPS receiver IF signal, and it has characteristics of low(More)
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