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The aim of this study was to investigate the role of microRNA-335 (miR-335) in determining the treatment response and prognosis in adult acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients receiving the cytarabine (Ara-C)-based chemotherapy.A total of 204 adult AML patients were collected. The miR-335 levels in serum and bone marrow samples from these patients were(More)
Aiming at the condition that the fault mechanism of a store management system is complicated and it is difficult for diagnosis, an expert system for the equipment based on both neural networks and generate rules is discussed. At first, expert experience including fault phenomenons and reasons are summarized. Considering that expert knowledge is(More)
With the development of rough set theory and it’s strengths and weaknesses in the recognition field, the rule and recognition fusing method of noisy-robust rough set (NRRS) are proposed based on full normalized deposal, the non-uniform companding and simple dynamic clustering coding. The robustness of NRRS is improved by weighted reliability during(More)
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