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The rate of oxygen consumption (OC) of 9 species of freshwater mussels was measured under declining dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations. The effects of temperature for some species also was investigated. The pattern of the OC vs. DO curve for each species was used in a hyperbolic model to compare abilities to regulate OC under low oxygen conditions. At(More)
Gene expression profiling using microarrays has become an important genetic tool. Spotted arrays prepared in academic labs have the advantage of low cost and high design and content flexibility, but are often limited by their susceptibility to quality control (QC) issues. Previously, we have reported a novel 3-color microarray technology that enabled array(More)
Consider a large wireless ad hoc network that facilitates communication between random pairs of network nodes. This paper investigates the size of routing tables as the number of nodes in the network increases. A routing protocol in a flat-label network is information-efficient if the amount of information at individual nodes required to route packets does(More)
Small-animal models are used extensively in disease research, genomics research, drug development and developmental biology. The development of noninvasive small-animal imaging techniques with adequate spatial resolution and sensitivity is therefore of prime importance. In particular, multimodality small-animal imaging can provide complementary information.(More)
Nursing today is an occupation greatly influenced and shaped by global standards and internationally recognized standard practices and requirements. Therefore, cultivating nursing capital and ensuring nursing manpower requires an international perspective. Nursing migration is currently a popular approach used by many developed countries to address domestic(More)
This paper develops a novel scheduling mechanism for packet switches based on a minimal set of hardware components. The standard model of computation implemented by digital logic is replaced by a model based on time encoding. This new model allows for distributed computation with low hardware complexity. A distributed switch scheduling algorithm utilizing(More)
Localizing license plate in an image enables vehicle detection and identification. Processing at high-definition (HD) image allows a better access of visual information but also enhances the necessity of multi-resolution analysis because license plates may appear in various sizes and shapes. A great computational burden is accompanied by processing the(More)
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