Li - Yen Chang

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Through the mental process of military vehicle drivers, the paper analyzed the military vehicle accidents that causing the driver's self-mistakes based on the military traffic data and research. An accident causing model was formulated to describe the military vehicle drivers' self-mistakes characteristics and its relation with the traffic accidents. The(More)
The typical serial robot Motoman with six joints, high-speed and wide-workspace, for which inverse module is designed by Denavit-Hartenberg Matrix. According to D-H Parameters, the forward kinematics solution is analyzed and a Geometric Approach is used to the inverse solution. A simulation example through circular interpolation method on vs2013 shows the(More)
models have been widely applied to analyze the various cross border flows and economic activities between cities or countries. To estimate a gravity model, (parametric) linear regression techniques have been commonly employed to develop the relationship between passenger flows and factors that can significantly influence the flows. However, parametric(More)
Insisting on human-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development is the essential requirement of the Scientific Development View. To measure the scientific development performance of enterprises is an effective way to enhance these companies’ core competitiveness. This paper evaluated enterprises scientific development performance based(More)
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