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Free pendulum balance control is the practical application of control theory, has a certain practical value. Single chip microcomputer(SCM) based free pendulum balance control system is fulfilled on laboratory equipment to control the free swinging end tablet equilibrium state, or make the tablet reach a preset angle position, and then realize the accurate(More)
Based-on predictive control principle, rolling planning integrates optimization with feedback strategy, and it will be helpful to overcome the respective limitation of global planning and local planning. The paper used the direction angle of polar coordinates as optimization target, inside rolling window, the method of one-step planning was adopted to(More)
It is necessary to predict passenger shares rate in intercity comprehensive passenger transport channel in order to estimate role of all kinds of transport modes in intercity comprehensive passenger transport channel. Therefore, introduced different characters variables to utility function, binding passenger transportation characters of intercity(More)
Wireless power transfer (WPT) is a kind of power transmission technology with which load devices can be supported to take power from the power source in a non-contacting way. Hollow solenoidal coils are used as resonant coils extensively in engineering projects which are usually analyzed based on magnetostatic fields. In practice coils are often excited by(More)
Cultural Algorithm (CA) model derived from the simulation of human being society evolution, provides a new computable framework of evolution algorithms, and different problems can use a different main population and knowledge space. This paper introduced Ant Colony Algorithm (ACA) into Cultural Algorithm framework, and put forward Cultural based Ant Colony(More)
The development of an expert consensus on vital pulp therapy can provide practical guidance for the improvement of pulp damage care in China. Dental pulp disease is a major type of illness that adversely affects human oral health. Pulp capping and pulpotomy are currently the main methods for vital pulp therapy. Along with the development of minimal invasion(More)
The key of future comprehensive transport corridor's development is to establish an integrated passenger transport system, in which all resources are allocated rationally and the overall system effect is emphasized. While the overall effect depends largely on the structure of comprehensive transport system. Firstly, this paper makes an analysis and study(More)
To form a highly efficient, coordinated and comprehensive transportation system, the key work is the development and construction of strong comprehensive transport corridor, and merits of passenger transport structure within a comprehensive transport corridor is directly related to the full play of overall corridor capacity and efficiency. This paper(More)
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