Li-Yang Chen

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A hybrid control system, integrating principal and compensation controllers, is developed for multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) uncertain nonlinear systems. This hybrid control system is based on sliding-mode technique and uses a recurrent cerebellar model articulation controller (RCMAC) as an uncertainty observer. The principal controller containing an(More)
A novel adaptive filter is proposed using a recurrent cerebellar-model-articulation-controller (CMAC). The proposed locally recurrent globally feedforward recurrent CMAC (RCMAC) has favorable properties of small size, good generalization, rapid learning, and dynamic response, thus it is more suitable for high-speed signal processing. To provide fast(More)
To evaluate the effect of leptin combined with CoCl2 on rat femur fracture healing. 48 male Sprague Dawley rats were randomly divided into two main groups. Then standardized femur fractures were created to all rats. Control group rats were treated with 0.5 mL physiological saline, and experimental group rats were treated with 5 μg/Kg.d leptin and 15 mg/Kg.d(More)
Stem cells have long been hypothesized to improve outcomes following rotator cuff repair. However, these cells must be signaled in order to do so. TGIF1 is a transcription factor that has been found to be down-regulated in cells involved in chondrogenesis. We therefore wished to examine whether stem cells expressing lower levels of TGIF1 could better(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, {[Eu(C(7)H(3)NO(4))Cl(CH(3)OH)(2)]·CH(3)OH}(n), contains one Eu(III) ion, one pyridine 2,3-dicarboxylate dianion (PDC), two CH(3)OH mol-ecules coordinating to the metal atom, one coordinating chloride and one lattice occluded CH(3)OH mol-ecule. In the crystal, each PDC anion coordinates to three adjacent Eu(III)(More)