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Illegal wildlife trade in the Himalayan region of China
The Himalayan region of China, with its rich biodiversity, used to be important for hunting and collecting of medicinal plants. In the past decades, conservation attitudes and legislation forExpand
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Feeding Site Selection of Crested Ibis in Winter
The characteristic of feeding sites for Crested Ibis ( Nipponia nippon ) in winter was analyzed using plot methods based on radio telemetry study.Three types of feeding sites for Crested Ibis inExpand
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Identification and Mapping of a Novel Sugarcane Mosaic Virus Resistance Gene in Maize
Abstract Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) causes considerable damage to maize (Zea mays L.) in China. Characterization of resistance gene(s) serves as the basis for effective selection in resistanceExpand
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Using "random forest" for classification and regression.
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Research progress on the invasive species, Hyphantria cunea
The fall webworm Hyphantria cunea,which is native to North America,was introduced to Europe and Asia in late 1940s.It was first found in Liaoning Province,China in 1979 and now has sperad to HebeiExpand
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Molecular Design Breeding in Crops in China
Molecular design breeding is a highly integrated system built on multiple scientific disciplines and technological areas. It allows the simulation and optimization of the breeding procedure beforeExpand
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Analysis on Difference for Drought Responses of Maize Inbred Lines at Seedling Stage
Eighteen inbred lines were investigated for drought responses at seedling stage under water stress. Nine inbred lines (313, Han23, Zhongzi01, C8065, 52106, Zi330, X178, P138, HC) were found to beExpand
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RNA-seq analysis of unintended effects in transgenic wheat overexpressing the transcription factor GmDREB1
Abstract The engineering of plants with enhanced tolerance to abiotic stresses typically involves complex multigene networks and may therefore have a greater potential to introduce unintended effectsExpand
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