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Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and epithelial stem cells play essential roles in tissue repair and self-healing. Oral MSCs and epithelial stem cells can be isolated from adult human oral tissues, for example, teeth, periodontal ligament, and gingiva. Cocultivated adult oral epithelial stem cells and MSCs could represent some developmental events, such(More)
— The reliability and robustness of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) play very important roles in achieving highly stable and prompt Internet data communication. The present BGP uses TCP/IP to exchange routing control information. These routing control messages are usually not differentiated from the normal data packets in Internet packet forwarding, and(More)
This study examined the relationship between the difference limen for frequency (DLF) of pure tones and three commonly explored stimulus parameters of frequency, duration, and sensation level. Data from 12 published studies of pure-tone frequency discrimination (a total of 583 DLF measurements across 77 normal-hearing listeners) were analyzed using(More)
BACKGROUND There are three major B-cell compartments in peripheral lymphoid organs: the germinal center (GC), the mantle zone (MNZ) and the marginal zone (MGZ). Unique sets of B-cells reside in these compartments, and they have specific functional roles in humoral immune response. MNZ B cells are naive cells in a quiescent state and may participate in GC(More)
Event-triggered control strategy of complex dynamical networks is motivated by further applications of embedded microprocessors equipped in the nodes with limited computation and storage resources that gather information and actuate the individual controller updates. One expects that the numbers of controller updates and measurement broadcasts decrease(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that young people's esthetic perception of dentition midline deviation or the threshold below which they find the deviation "acceptable" depends on the gender and face type of the person with the deviation and the gender of the evaluator. MATERIALS AND METHODS Facial images of six young subjects with three different face(More)
Keywords: Microbial fuel cell Electrode modification Crumpled graphene particles Graphene sheets Bioenergy a b s t r a c t Graphene has a promising role in electrode fabrication/modification for microbial fuel cell (MFC) applications but there is a lack of research on graphene in MFCs. This study has systematically investigated two types of graphene(More)
Nerve tissue presents inherent difficulties for its effective regeneration. Stem cell transplantation is considered an auspicious treatment for neuronal injuries. Recently, human dental mesenchymal stem cells (DMSCs) have received extensive attention in the field of regenerative medicine due to their accessibility and multipotency. Since their origin is(More)
Mammalian adult central nerve system (CNS) injuries are devastating because of the intrinsic difficulties for effective neuronal regeneration. The greatest problem to be overcome for CNS recovery is the poor regeneration of neurons and myelin-forming cells, oligodendrocytes. Endogenous neural progenitors and transplanted exogenous neuronal stem cells can be(More)