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Two kinds of parallel genetic algorithm (PGA) are implemented in this paper based on the MATLAB® Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and Distributed Computing Server™ software. Parallel for-loops, SPMD (Single Program Multiple Data) block and co-distributed arrays, three basic parallel programming modes in MATLAB are employed to accomplish the(More)
The suboptimal water quality, including the eutrophication and the pollutants of NH<sub>3</sub>, H<sub>2</sub>S as well as organic compounds, is the main reason of damaging fish resources, which are suffered by the aquaculture ponds in the north of China and result in great losses to Chinese aquatic products every year. Therefore, it is important and the(More)
It can&#x02019;t provide methods to find out the suitable memory block to allocate in the original uC/OS-II&#x02019;s DSA. In order to improve the memory utilization and reduce memory fragmentation of uC/OS-II, this paper analyses, adopts and designs Lazy_Buddy in uC/OS-II, according to the embedded system&#x02019;s requirement of fast response time,(More)
A new adaptive mesh simplification method based on vertex clustering is presented in this paper, which can preserve the model topology and subtle geometric features better than traditional vertex-clustering methods. Guided by the normal vectors corresponding to all vertices, the proposed method adopts a binary tree structure to split the bounding box of the(More)
With large database, the process of mining association rules is time consuming. The efficiency becomes crucial factor. By analyzing Apriori algorithm and its improvement, the improved Apriori algorithm is applied to early warning of equipment failure. Moreover, Apriori algorithm is improved by reducing the number of scanning data base and the number of(More)
In this paper, a Multi-mode switching guidance control strategy is proposed for the final translation phase space autonomous rendezvous and docking precision-guided control problem. Firstly, dynamic model for spacecraft rendezvous is established and analyzed under the target coordinates. Secondly, the final translation phase is divided into two parts,(More)
  • SUN Wei, ZHANG Xue-fu, +6 authors LIU Jia-yi
  • 2012
For the users' convenience of accessing the AGRIS resources quickly and using them fully, the paper decomposes the structure of AGRIS Search net, analyzes the users' requirement met for conducting a bilingual (ZH/EN) retrieval, the system function extensions based on AGRIS English retrieval system and the key issues which the core function module should(More)
With the development of ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) microprocessor embedded system, a method of graphical programming software development is more and more important. The system consists of PC graphical programming software, USB program transmitter and ARM development platform. It is mainly used for developing of graphic software. It can program(More)
The community concerned about the financing problem for small and medium sized enterprises, while also taking a number of concrete measures to solve the problems. But financing difficulties have still not been fundamentally resolved. This paper will analyze this problem from the perspective of policy and financing channels. Our point is that SME financing(More)
This paper discusses techniques to develop the database of civil aviation Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower scene database and optimize approaches of 3D model by virtue of the professional modeling tool -MultiGen Creator. The ATC Tower visual simulation system is established combined with Vega Prime. However, excessive amount of data make the system not run(More)