Li-Xia Zeng

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Artemisnin is a novel sesquiterpene lactone with an internal peroxide bridge structure, which is extracted from traditional Chinese herb Artemisia annua L. (Qinghao). Recommended by World Health Organization, artemisinin is the first-line drug in the treatment of encephalic and chloroquine-resistant malaria. In the present study, transgenic A. annua plants(More)
AIM To investigate whether expression of cancer stem cell (CSC) markers is associated with recurrence and survival in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. METHODS A consecutive series of 90 HCC patients who underwent curative hepatectomy between April 2007 and April 2009 were analyzed. Of the 90 patients, 38 (42%) experienced recurrence within two(More)
UNLABELLED To investigate the expression of Ataxin-3 in human gastric cancer tissues and cell lines, and explore its clinical pathologic significance. METHODS The expression of Ataxin-3 in gastric cancer (n=536) and noncancerous gastric mucosa (n=312) was determined by immunohistochemistry and correlated to clinicopathologic features such as histologic(More)
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