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The Mitchell Theory implies the proton motive force Deltap across the inner mitochondrial membrane as the energy-rich intermediate of oxidative phosphorylation. Deltap is composed mainly of an electrical (DeltaPsi(m)) and a chemical part (DeltapH) and generated by the respiratory chain complexes I, III and IV. It is consumed mostly by the ATP synthase(More)
Basigin, which has four isoforms, has been demonstrated to be involved in progression of various human cancers. The aim of this study was to examine the prognostic value of basigin-2 protein expression in epithelial ovarian cancer. Furthermore, the function of basigin-2 in ovarian cancer was further investigated in cell culture models. Immunohistochemistry(More)
Sclerotinia disease, caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, is one of the most serious plant diseases in China. Research on the mechanism of disease resistance to S. sclerotiorum will help solve control problems. In this study, near-isogenic lines were first used in combination with the proteomic technique. A comparison of protein expression profiles in a(More)
Efficient swimming of biologically carangiform robotic fish has been investigated by using a novel experimental method. The laboratory robotic fish model, which follows an exact replica of Saithe, is self-propelled on a servo towing system. The forward towing speed is determined by the fluid force acting on the robotic fish, as the fish undulates its body(More)
As traditional network security cannot meet the security requirements, the international research shows that network security is on the way to Trustworthy Internet and that the trustworthy issue becomes a hot topic in the future Internet. Trust evaluation of users’ behavior is an important part of Trustworthy Internet and a rational trust model(More)
Transgene copy number has a great impact on the expression level and stability of exogenous gene in transgenic plants, so transgene copy number analysis is identified as one most important task after obtaining transgenic plants. In this paper, TaqMan real-time PCR was used to estimate the copy number of exogenous MAC12.2 and NPTII genes in transgenic(More)
Recent advances in understanding fish locomotion with robotic devices have included the use of flapping foil robots that swim at a constant swimming speed. However, the speed of even steadily swimming live fishes is not constant because the fish center of mass oscillates axially throughout a tail beat cycle. In this paper, we couple a linear motor that(More)
The influence of protein phosphorylation on the kinetics of cytochrome c oxidase was investigated by applying Western blotting, mass spectrometry, and kinetic measurements with an oxygen electrode. The isolated enzyme from bovine heart exhibited serine, threonine, and/or tyrosine phosphorylation in various subunits, except subunit I, by using phosphoamino(More)