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With the development and wide application of WSN (Wireless Sensor Network), the information security becomes a serious problem, especially when the WSN applied in military field. Whereas the general WSN routing protocols focus on the transmission efficiency, reliability and energy-efficiency, not on the security. This paper integrates the international(More)
The combination of the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and grid computing in Wireless Sensor Grid (WSG) architecture enables the strengths and characteristics of wireless sensor network and grid computing to be realized on a single integrated platform. This paper analyzes the necessity and key problems of combining the WSN and grid computing and shows a(More)
Frequency domain equalization (FDE) is a very efficient way to resist frequency selective fading in single-carrier communications, but its performance will be greatly degraded when suffering serious Doppler impact due to time varying channel state. Based on the single-carrier system with FDE (SC-FDE), a segmentation FDE scheme is proposed to resist high(More)
Considering that the neural network increases rapidly in complexity and is greatly extended in training time due to the gradually increasing input vectors, a fusion algorithm modified by rough set is proposed to preprocess the inputs before neural network. Firstly, the input sample space is reduced to obtain the new decision table according to attribute(More)
In general, cyclic prefix (CP), zero padding (ZP) or fixed symbol padding (FP) can be seen as the guard interval (GI) for data transmitting. By inserting enough long GI, we can remove inter-block interference (IBI) completely, and the signal distortion due to multi-path environment can be simply compensated by frequency domain equalization (FDE). But on the(More)
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