Li-Wei Chen

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BACKGROUND Consumer use of mobile devices as health service delivery aids (mHealth) is growing, especially as smartphones become ubiquitous. However, questions remain as to how consumer traits, health perceptions, situational characteristics, and demographics may affect consumer mHealth usage intentions, assimilation, and channel preferences. OBJECTIVE We(More)
Automatically constructing knowledge bases from online resources has become a crucial task in many research areas. Most existing knowledge bases are built from English resources , while few efforts have been made for other languages. Building knowledge bases for Chinese is of great importance on its own right. However, simply adapting existing tools from(More)
Decoding high-quality videos in real-time is becoming more and more difficult with the increasing resolution. In this paper, a novel hardware/software (HW/SW) partitioning is proposed with powerful SIMD (single instruction multiple data) instructions for the real-time AVS video decoder. Since most key functions that need large amounts of computations are(More)
Institutional fund managers generally rebalance using ad hoc methods such as calendar basis or tolerance band triggers. We propose a different framework that quantifies the cost of a rebalancing strategy in terms of risk-adjusted returns net of transaction costs. We then develop an optimal rebalancing strategy that actively seeks to minimize that cost. We(More)
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