Li Wei Chao

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The Group Embedded Figures Test of Oltman, Raskin, and Witkin was administered to 60 high school students (30 with learning disabilities and 30 without learning disabilities) to measure their cognitive styles of field dependence versus field independence. The analysis showed that the students with learning disabilities scored as more field dependent than(More)
This research studied the thinking styles of 18 school teachers and 15 college students in the field of mathematics, using the Inquiry Mode Questionnaire by Harrison and Bramson. The multivariate analysis of variance showed that the 21 female teachers and college students scored as more Idealistic than their 12 male peers. There also was a significant(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this case study, you will encounter some of the issues of lab development for delivering lab-based information systems courses online. Many small campuses have very limited budget or no budget at all for the computer lab specifically designed for information systems majors. Sometimes, even with new computers purchased, very few people(More)
In response to both natural and man-made disasters, more and more emergency evacuation plans have been put forward and consistently aims to move a large disaster affected population through a highway network towards safer areas as quickly and efficiently as possible. The objectives of this study are 1) to verify the feasibility of applying the DYNASMART-P(More)
The Group Embedded Figures Test was administered to 72 secondary school teachers and 54 university students in mathematics to measure their cognitive styles of field independence-dependence. A mean difference was found between the teachers and students as teachers scored more field-independent than the students. There was also a group-by-sex interaction,(More)
A multiple baseline design was used to assess the intervention of individual tutoring to help two learning-disabled students (15 and 16 years old) improve their multiplication of 1-digit numbers over nine days of 10-min. instruction. Observation or visual analysis indicated 40 to 50% improvement after the intervention, and a nonparametric test of(More)
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