Li Ven Wong

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The nicotinamide (NA) mol-ecules of the title compound, 2C(6)H(6)N(2)O·C(2)H(3)F(3)O, form centrosymmetric R(2) (2)(8) hydrogen-bonded dimers via N-H⋯O contacts. The asymmetric unit contains two mol-ecules of NA and one trifluoroethanol molecule disordered over two sites of equal occupancy. The packing consists of alternating layers of nicotinamide dimers(More)
In the crystal of the title compound, C(6)H(7)N(2)O(+)·C(2)HF(2)O(2) (-), the cation adopts a catemeric N-H⋯O hydrogen-bonded chain motif involving the carboxamide group, with two further N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds connecting the cations to adjacent difluoro-acetate anions via the carboxamide and pyridinium N atoms. The carboxamide group of the nicotinamidium ion(More)
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