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A new approach is proposed to improve face recognition in the paper. The accurate face is detected by the position relation of the face and the eyes. The face features are extracted using the Gabor wavelet and the Adaboost algorithm is used to detect the face and the eyes. In the actual detection of the face, the face is probably inclining, and then we(More)
A improved face recognition method based on the large samples was proposed in the paper. The face and the eyes were detected using the Adaboost algorithm; And according to the distance and angle of the eyes, the accurate face could be gotten. For improving the robustness of face recognition against illumination, the face image was processed by the Retinex(More)
The model of visual attention infrared target detection algorithm is presented. Mainly the visual features are extracted from the brightness contrast and movement in the current frame still images and image sequences of the motion vector, and then a linear convergence significantly diagram, with locally adaptive thresholding instead of "Winner-Takes-All"(More)
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