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Multiplexed high-throughput pyrosequencing is currently limited in complexity (number of samples sequenced in parallel), and in capacity (number of sequences obtained per sample). Physical-space segregation of the sequencing platform into a fixed number of channels allows limited multiplexing, but obscures available sequencing space. To overcome these(More)
Most existing clustering algorithms cluster highly related data objects such as Web pages and Web users separately. The interrelation among different types of data objects is either not considered, or represented by a static feature space and treated in the same ways as other attributes of the objects. In this paper, we propose a novel clustering approach(More)
Computing the web-user's relevance to a give topic is an important task for any personalization service on the Web. Since the interest and preference of a web-user are revealed in his Web browsing history, in this paper we develop a novel approach that utilizes Web logs to compute the relevance of a web-user to a given query. In contrast to traditional(More)