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In reading, lexical form-form relations may be more reliable than form-meaning relations. Accordingly, phonological forms (activated by graphic forms) become actual constituents, rather than addenda, of word identification. These considerations suggest that access to phonological forms can precede meaning access in single-word reading in many circumstances.(More)
Understanding how topics evolve in text data is an important and challenging task. Although much work has been devoted to topic analysis, the study of topic evolution has largely been limited to individual topics. In this paper, we introduce TextFlow, a seamless integration of visualization and topic mining techniques, for analyzing various evolution(More)
In this paper, we present a novel exploratory visual analytic system called TIARA (Text Insight via Automated Responsive Analytics), which combines text analytics and interactive visualization to help users explore and analyze large collections of text. Given a collection of documents, TIARA first uses topic analysis techniques to summarize the documents(More)
This paper shows that different " meta-model-checking " analyses can be conducted efficiently on a generic data structure we call a support set. Support sets may be viewed as abstract encodings of the " evidence " a model checker uses to justify the yes/no answers it computes. We indicate how model checkers may be modified to compute supports sets without(More)
Prior research has generally assumed either that phonological codes do not contribute to Chinese character identification or that they do so only through a look-up process at the character level. In 3 experiments, a homophone seen parafoveally aided the identification of a target character that was fixated following an eye movement to the preview location.(More)
Text visualization becomes an increasingly more important research topic as the need to understand massive-scale textual information is proven to be imperative for many people and businesses. However, it is still very challenging to design effective visual metaphors to represent large corpora of text due to the unstruc-tured and high-dimensional nature of(More)