Li Shuai

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MicroRNA 181a (miR-181a) was found dysregulated in a variety of human cancers and significantly associated with clinical outcome of cancer patients. However, the direct role of miR-181a has not yet been characterized in osteosarcoma progression. This study was aimed at investigating the effects of miR-181a on osteosarcoma cell biological behavior. First,(More)
Hypoglycemic effects and the use of kelp in diabetes mellitus (DM) model rats induced by alloxan were investigated. Sixty healthy male rats were used to establish DM models by injecting alloxan intraperitoneally. Kelp powder was added to the general forage for the rats. The levels of fasting blood glucose (FBG) were determined by an automatic blood glucose(More)
Transforming lignocellulosic biomass into fuels and chemicals has been intensely studied in recent years. A large amount of work has been dedicated to finding suitable solvent systems, which can improve the transformation of biomass into value-added chemicals. These efforts have been undertaken based on numerous research results that have shown that organic(More)
Practical, high-yield lignin depolymerization methods could greatly increase biorefinery productivity and profitability. However, development of these methods is limited by the presence of interunit carbon-carbon bonds within native lignin, and further by formation of such linkages during lignin extraction. We report that adding formaldehyde during biomass(More)
—This paper proposes an image registration algorithm based on improved SIFT feature. In the feature detection, evenly distributed feature points are detected using non-maximum suppression and reduces detection times by dynamic adjustment of detecting step. While employs feature matching, the threshold of Euclidean distance ratio is adaptively determined(More)
BACKGROUND Lobed kudzuvine root and rhizoma chuanxiong are effective drugs in traditional Chinese medicine. OBJECTIVE Extracts of the two medicines were investigated for their in vitro of beta-amyloid (Aβ1-42)-aggregation-and acetylcholinesterase (AChE)-inhibitory activities. MATERIALS AND METHODS The interaction of lobed kudzuvine root, rhizoma(More)
Multi-scale local feature detection enables downstream registration and recognition tasks in medical image analysis. This paper articulates a novel robust method for multi-scale local feature extraction on volumetric data. The central idea is the elegant unification of local/global eigen-structures within the powerful framework of anisotropic heat(More)
  • Zhou Shuchang, Ying Liu, Lu Fang, Yin Le, Huang Lei, Li Shuai +3 others
  • 2009
—Loongson II is a MIPS III-compatible platform with various modern features, including a state-of-art memory subsystem. In the process of porting and enhancing Open64 on Loongson II, we observe that some optimizations lacking or being rudimentary in Open64, like edge profiling and array contraction, prove crucial for performance. We also develop LIDO,(More)
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