Li-Shien Chen

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A raw-starch-digesting amylase (RSDA) gene from a Cytophaga sp. was cloned and sequenced. The predicted protein product contained 519 amino acids and had high amino acid identity to alpha-amylases from three Bacillus species. Only one of the Bacillus alpha-amylases has raw-starch-digesting capability, however. The RSDA, expressed in Escherichia coli, had(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the feasibility of removing silica particles and reducing turbidity from oxide chemical mechanical polishing (oxide-CMP) wastewater. Based on the dynamic characteristics of batch electrocoagulation, three operating stages (lag, reactive, and stabilizing) are proposed to identify the relationships among the zeta(More)
The Automatic Number Plate Recognition is image processing technology that identifies vehicle without direct human intervention. On any tollbooth, vehicle has to stop for paying the toll. We are trying to develop a system that would pay the toll automatically and reduce queue at the toll. ANPR consist of 4 phases: Pre-processing, number plate extraction,(More)
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