Li Shi

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Cochlear hair cells are a terminally differentiated cell population that is crucial for hearing. Although recent work suggests that there are hair cell progenitors in postnatal mammalian cochleae, isolation and culture of pure hair cell progenitors from a well-defined cochlear area have not been reported. Here we present an experimental method that allows(More)
Spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) are poorly regenerated in the mammalian inner ear. Because of this, stem cell transplantation has been used to replace injured SGNs, and several studies have addressed this approach. However, the difficulty of delivering stem cells into the cochlea and encouraging their migration to Rosenthal's canal (RC), where the SGNs are(More)
End-to-End guaranteed network QoS is a requirement for predictable data transfers between geographically distant end-hosts. Existing QoS systems, however, do not have the capability/intelligence to decide what resources to reserve and which paths to choose when there are multiple and <i>flexible</i> resource reservation requests. In this paper, we design(More)
During the course of information processing, a visual system extracts characteristic information of the visual image and integrates the spatial and temporal visual information simultaneously. In this study, we investigate the integration effect of neurons in the primary visual cortex (V1 area) under the grating stimulation. First, an information integration(More)
²Software is everywhere. However, software is not always trustworthy. Confronting the demand of software trustworthiness evaluation, this paper proposes a novel software trustworthiness evaluation approach based on combination weights (CW) and improved TOPSIS methods. The determination of CW relies on experWV ¶ MXGgments and mathematical computation(More)
To analyze the p42.3 gene expression in gastric cancer (GC) cell, find the relationship between protein structure and function, establish the regulatory network of p42.3 protein molecule and then to obtain the optimal regulatory pathway. The expression of p42.3 gene was analyzed by RT-PCR, Western Blot and other biotechnologies. The relationship between the(More)