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PURPOSE To determine whether children with specific language impairment (SLI) show deficits in lexical-semantic organization and, if so, whether these deficits are commensurate with their delay in vocabulary size and whether the deficits affect all children with SLI. METHOD Fourteen children with SLI, 14 age matches (AM), and 14 expressive vocabulary(More)
BACKGROUND Dopamine receptor genes are candidates for hypertension susceptibility. Locally released dopamine increases renal sodium excretion, and defective renal dopamine receptor signaling has been shown to play a role in hypertension. Dopamine-4 receptors are expressed in juxtaglomerular and cortical collecting cells, where dopamine activation could(More)
In this paper, we reÿne upper and lower bounds for the channel capacity of a serial, binary rewritable medium in which no consecutive locations may store 1's and no consecutive locations may be altered during a single rewriting pass. This problem was originally examined by Cohn (Discrete. Appl. Math. 56 (1995) 1) who proved that C, the channel capacity of(More)
This paper studies the algorithmic issues of the spanning star forest problem. We prove the following results: (1) There is a polynomial-time approximation scheme for planar graphs; (2) there is a polynomial-time 3 5-approximation algorithm for graphs; (3) it is NP-hard to approximate the problem within ratio 259 260 + for graphs; (4) there is a linear-time(More)
Role assignments, introduced by Everett and Borgatti [2], who called them role col-orings, formalize the idea, arising in the theory of social networks, that individuals of the same social role will relate in the same way to the individuals playing counterpart roles. If G is a graph, a k-role assignment is a function r mapping the vertex set onto the set of(More)
In this paper, we propose a deadlock-free routing in irregular networks using preex routing. Preex routing is a special type of routing with a compact routing table associated with each node (processor). Basically, each outgoing channel of a node is assigned a special label and an outgoing channel is selected if its label is a preex of the label of the(More)
—A shortest-path routing is optimal if it maximizes the probability of reaching the destination from a given source, assuming that each link in the system has a given failure probability. An approximation for the shortest-path routing policy, maximum-shortest-path (MSP) routing was proposed by Wu [3]. Reference [3] • shows that MSP is optimal in the mesh(More)
AIM The examine the cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice (ApoE-/- mice) fed a "Western-style diet" and the effect of simvastatin intervention. METHODS Male ApoE-/- mice (n=36) were fed a "Western-style diet" from the age of 8 weeks. After 16 weeks, they were randomly given either simvastatin (25 mg·kg⁻¹·d⁻¹) or normal saline(More)