Li-Sheng Ding

Paul Tchounwou1
Cassandra McCullum1
1Paul Tchounwou
1Cassandra McCullum
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BACKGROUND To manage chemical structures in small laboratories is one of the important daily tasks. Few solutions are available on the internet, and most of them are closed source applications. The open-source applications typically have limited capability and basic cheminformatics functionalities. In this article, we describe an open-source solution to(More)
A facile magnetic solid phase extraction (MSPE) of aflatoxins (AFs) from liquid samples was developed using polydopamine-coated magnetic nanoparticles (PD-MNPs) as the adsorbent. PD-MNPs were prepared from amine-terminated MNPs and dopamine via an in situ oxidative self-polymerization approach. Under the selected MSPE conditions, extraction yields ranging(More)
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