Li Shaoyuan

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In conjunction with some of the latest research results, this study briefly summarizes the major characteristics with U-model based control system design and foresees the potential blue-sky research issues. The purpose of the presentation is to promote the awareness of the research methodology and to collect critical comments on the shortcomings with the(More)
This study proposes a new vehicle integrated robust model matching controller (R-MMC) that cooperates four wheel steering and direct yaw moment control to improve the vehicle handling performance and stability. The design frame work of the R-MMC is based on linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) in this study. Since vehicle sideslip angle measurement is(More)
Hypersonic vehicle has the characteristics of strong nonlinearity, time-varying, strong coupling and large flight envelope, which make the controller design extremely difficult. In this paper, the longitudinal dynamic model of hypersonic vehicle is studied. Firstly, the linearized model around the equilibrium point is acquired and analyzed. Subsequently, a(More)
The purpose of HVAC system is to make occupants comfortable by adjusting the indoor thermal environment. The predicted mean vote (PMV) index is widely used to evaluate the indoor thermal comfort. However, PMV is difficult to calculate in real time as its complicated mathematical functions. Meanwhile, the physical conception of the model and the impact on(More)
A feedback control law is derived analytically for a linear parameter varying (LPV) discrete-time system with bounded rates of parameter variations subject to input-saturated constraints in this paper. As the uncertain region of such a LPV system in the future changes corresponding to the parameters which can be predicted in the future stage due to the(More)
In this paper, we present a new cost function with fading memory and time-window in order to decrease the influence of old data in unfalsified adaptive control applications where the plant varies slowly or changes suddenly with time. Based on the unfalsified adaptive PID control, when the controller inserted in the system cannot guarantee the stability of(More)
Presented in the paper is a nonlinear predictive control method. It is known that some nonlinear plants can be transferred into linear time-varying systems after being globally linearized. So it is feasible to solve some certain problems of nonlinear systems via dealing with the corresponding linear uncertainty systems. Based on this idea, a dual-mode(More)
In this paper, we focus on the dual-axis solar-tracker control problem, study the algorithm of solar position, and design a predictive controller to make the location of solar panels track the sun in a smooth and accurate way, which is on the premise of the constraint conditions. Use MATLAB / SIMULINK software to complete the location of solar panels(More)
The stability and stabilization of discrete-time linear systems connected over a digital networks is considered. The feedback controller design method is proposed simultaneous consideration the effect of the quantization levels, the packet dropout and the network-induced delays. Using the sector bound expression of the quantization density and the(More)
This paper proposes a novel event-triggered algorithm based on a contract robust control invariant set trajectory for robust constrained model predictive control system. The trigger condition relies on the relationship between the sets where two continuous state vectors lie in. Feasibility of the algorithm and stability of the system are derived utilizing(More)