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A new catalytic colouration spectrophotometry has been developed for the determination of trace copper.The method is based on the copper(Ⅱ) catalyzed oxidation of o- aminophenol by hydrogen peroxide
International Systems and China's Foreign Strategic Choices
In international studies, "international systems" is an important concept which refers to an entirety formed through the interactions between various international actors. As the attributes of the
Construction Engineering Design and Investment Control
The thesis analyzes the relationship between construction engineering and investment control, and brings forward several methods to control the investment of construction engineering project.
Study on Life Periods of Ephydra Macellaria Egger
The rice ephydrid( Ephydra macellaria Egger) has become one of the most injurious insects of rice in the eastern region of Inner Mongolia since late 1990's and reaches peak eclosion in late August.
Preparation of Nanometer Ferric Oxide Thin Film and its Application Research in Water Treatment
In recent years,the attention had been to receive to the nanometer ferric oxide.The nano ferric oxide which had the widespread application in many domains had the very good magnetism,degree of
Analysis of the Factors of Affecting on Front End Bending in Plate and Strip Rolling by Uniform Design Method
By using the uniform design method,seven factors of affecting on front end bending in plate and strip rolling,including rolling temperature difference between upper and lower surfaces,initial
Research Progress of Anaerobic Fermentation System Theory on Straw Prepare Methane
This paper discussed mainly from the following aspects: the definition and utilization situation of straw;anaerobic biological treatment process;the basic principle of anaerobic fermentation;the main
Building a Brand of Women Voluntary Service and Creating a First-class Mine of Civilization
The paper introduces the general situation and characteristics of women voluntary activities in Lu'an Group,points out the achievements,shortcomings and problems of the voluntary service
Gratifying Harvest of Studying in the History of Chinese Culture
"Xin Yu Tan Yuan"(The Origins of New Words and Phrase) is domestic first relatively large-scale book studying the question that the birth of new term of Modern Chinese characters in an all-round way
The Age of Grass-rootedness of Poetry
It is not until the beginning of the 21st century that the New Poetry has completed its process of chinization and grass-rooting thoroughing.Then poetry really began to assume the task of satisfying