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In this report, a partitioned time stepping algorithm for transient flow in a porous medium coupled to a free flow in embedded conduits is analyzed. The coupled flow is modeled by the fully evolutionary Stokes-Darcy problem. This method requires only solve one, uncoupled Stokes and Darcy sub-physics and sub-domain per time step. On the interface between the(More)
Common, complex, and burdensome to individuals and society alike, neck pain is estimated to affect more than 70% of the population at some point in life and between 12-34% of the population at a given time, with one study finding that 45.5% of office workers experienced neck pain in a 12-month period [1]. We plan to build a system that would give real time(More)
SQL injection is an attack technique used to exploit code by altering back-end SQL statements through manipulating input. This paper proposes a novel methodology of preventing SQL injection attacks by building a protective adaptive shell. The protective shell is located between the application and the back-end database and has three layers to block illegal(More)
M-Commerce is expected to play an even larger role, with over half a billion customers following the trend to shop via mobile devices by 2016. According to the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture, tourism has been identified as one of the twelve National Key Economic Area to drive the country's growth. This gave rise to this research objective which(More)
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the feasibility of using model drug metoprolol succinate (MS) as a pore former to modify the initial lag phase (i.e., a slow or non-release phase in the first 1–2 h) associated with the drug release from coated pellets. MS-layered cores with high drug-layering efficiency (97% w/w) were first prepared by(More)