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—In a parallel multiwire structure, the exact spacing and size of the wires determine both the resistance and the distribution of the capacitance between the ground plane and the adjacent signal carrying conductors, and have a direct effect on the delay. Using closed-form equations that map the geometry to the wire parasitics and empirical switch factor(More)
Because of the today's market demand for high-performance, high-density portable hand-held applications, electronic system design technology has shifted the focus from 2-D planar SoC single-chip solutions to different alternative options as tiled silicon and single-level embedded modules as well as 3-D integration. Among the various choices, finding an(More)
—Retransmission has been adopted as one of the most popular schemes for improving transmission reliability in wireless sensor networks. Many previous works have been done on reliable transmission issues in experimental ways, however, there still lack of analytical techniques to evaluate these solutions. Based on the traffic model, service model and energy(More)
As technology scales down, the interconnect for on-chip global communication becomes the delay bottleneck. In order to provide well-controlled global wire delay and efficient global communication, a Network-on-Chip (NoC) architecture was proposed by different authors [Route packets, not wires: on-chip interconnection networks, in: Design connect different(More)
A remote-powered UWB RFID tag in 0.18μm CMOS is presented. The innovation is to employ asymmetric communication links, i.e. UWB uplink and UHF downlink in order to achieve extremely low power, high data rate and accurate positioning. Measurement shows the tag can operate up to 10Mb/s with minimum input power of 14.1μW, corresponding to 13.9 meters of(More)
The revolution of Internet-of-Things (IoT) is reshaping the modern food supply chains with promising business prospects. To be successful in practice, the IoT solutions should create " income-centric " values beyond the conventional " traceability-centric " values. To accomplish what we promised to users, sensor portfolios and information fusion must(More)
Nowadays, the evolution of wireless communication and network technologies enables remote medical services to be available everywhere in the world. In this paper, a network-based system architecture adopting wireless personal area network (WPAN) protocol IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee standard and 3G communication networks for remote medical applications is proposed.(More)
A multilevel dynamic interconnect model was derived for accurate a priori signal integrity estimates. Cross-talk and delay estimations over interconnects in deep sub-micron technology were analyzed systematically using this model. Good accuracy and excellent time-efficiency were found compared with electromagnetic simulations. We aim to build a dynamic(More)