Li-Rong Wang

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A software configurable optical test system (SCOTS) based on the geometry of the fringe reflection or phase measuring deflectometry method was developed for rapidly, robustly, and accurately measuring large, highly aspherical shapes such as solar collectors and primary mirrors for astronomical telescopes. In addition to using phase shifting methods for data(More)
This paper presents a case study of synthesis and analysis of the industrial embedded microcontroller HT48100, using the hardware/software co-synthesis tool (PIPER-II) for microcontrollers/microprocessors. The synthesis tool accepts as input the instruction set architecture (behav-ioral) specification, and produces as outputs the pipelined RTL designs with(More)
In a previous paper, the University of Arizona (UA) has developed a measurement technique called: Software Configurable Optical Test System (SCOTS) based on the principle of reflection deflectometry. In this paper, we present results of this very efficient optical metrology method applied to the metrology of X-ray mirrors. We used this technique to measure(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a well-structured modified Booth encoding (MBE) multiplier which is applied in the design of a reconfigurable multiply-accumulator (MAC) core. The multiplier adopts an improved Booth encoder and selector to achieve an extra-row-removal and uses a hybrid approach in the two's complementation circuit to reduce the area and improve(More)
This paper presents a methodology for automatic simulation and verification of pipelined microcontrollers. Using this methodology, we can generate the simulation for the instruction set architecture (ISA), abstract finite state machine (FSM) and pipelined register transfer level design and compare the simulation results across different levels quickly. We(More)
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