Li Qinghua

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In this paper, we analyze the symbol-error-rate (SER) performance for a two-user amplify-and-forward cooperative system. By making use of M-PSK modulation, the closed-form SER formulation and corresponding upper bound are derived first. According to the SER performance analysis, the impact of relay location is discussed by making use of a simple line(More)
A new genetic algorithm is presented based on the musical performance. The novelty of this algorithm is that a new genetic algorithm, mimicking the musical process of searching for a perfect state of harmony, which increases the robustness of it greatly and gives a new meaning of it in the meantime, has been developed. Combining the advantages of the new(More)
Hierarchical finite state machine (HFSM) has proven to be a powerful tool for controlling Non-player characters (NPCs) in computer games due to its flexibility and modularity. For most implementations, however, it is often the case that the control details at all levels are hand-coded. As a result, the development process is often time intensive and error(More)
This paper studied on the clustering problem for intrusion detection with the theory of information entropy, it was put forward that the clustering problem for exact intrusion detection based on information entropy is NP-complete, therefore, the heuristic algorithm to solve the clustering problem for intrusion detection was designed, this algorithm has the(More)
In the HRL field, there are several main methods such as HAMs, options, MAXQ. These methods all rely on the theory of SMDPs. However, SMDPs does not specify how the overall task can be decomposed into a collection of subtasks. This paper introduces the concept of “policy-coupled” SMDPs into HAMs. It defines the concept of HAM-decomposable(More)
The steel tower applying large size angel steel which limb width exceeds 200mm is characterized with good integrity of material, clear force transmission, simple node structure, saving bolts and filling plate, convenient assembly and erection etc advantages. Technical and economic advantage of Q420 large size angle steel tower has been validated in(More)
In the HRL field, there are several main methods such as HAMs, options, MAXQ. A main problem that exists in HAMs is its joint state space consisting of the cross-product of the machine states in the HAM and the states in the original MDP, which can not be completely solved by a subroutine-based state abstraction method. This paper analyzes this problem in(More)
With the promotion of tube tower in transmission line, to improve processing efficiency and quality, the substitute of butt welded forged flanges for traditional flange is become the trend of future development. With solid elements and contact elements of the general-purpose finite element software ANSYS, this paper analyzes the mechanical characteristics(More)
The lateral vibration of the high-speed rotation slice-disk is controlled using the hydrodynamic film and the control of the disk was studied by the finite element method and the experimental measurement. The slice-disk was meshed by elements of the fan-shaped grid. A dynamic equation of the rotation disk was established by the Lagrange equation and the(More)