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The Xiaochaka Group and Riganpeicuo Group stratigraphic sequence and correlation in the Qiangtang area, Tibet-question the validity of the boundary between Qiangnan and Qiangbei strata
In the study area, the late Trassic strata were divided to Qiangnan-Baoshan strata division, Duoma subdivision, Riganpeicuo Group and Qiangbei-Changdu-Simao strata division, ChibuzhangcuoExpand
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A fast super-resolution algorithm with despeckling for multi-frame sonar images
A fast super-resolution algorithm with despeckling is proposed in this paper to obtain a high-resolution image from a set of shifted and decimated low-resolution sonar images. Expand
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A Novel DOA Estimation Algorithm based on Compressive Sensing Array
SVD-CSA algorithm is based on Compressive Sensing Array (CSA) and utilizing Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). Expand
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Two-Dimensional Wavelet Analysis Theory and Its Application in Eliminating Noises of Microscopic Image
Two-dimensional wavelet analysis theory is introduced. Two-dimensional discrete wavelet decomposition and construction algorithm is applied in eliminating noises of microscopic image. The sameExpand
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Research and practice of teaching mode for cultivating undergraduates' "Four Kind of Abilities" in physical experiments
The article introduces the teaching mode about the cultivation of "Four Kind of Abilities" for the undergraduate in the physical experiment.These abilities include the basic experiment ability,theExpand
Biostratigraphic of the Middle Jurassic S(e)wa,Shaqiaomu and Bi Qu formations in the Quruiqianai area, south Qiangtang basin, northern Tibet, China.
Late Triassic-Jurassic strata were studied in the Quruiqianai area, south Qiangtang basin, northern Tibet. The strata may be divided in ascending order into the Late Triassic Rigain Punco Group, LateExpand
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TSAL6200/TSOP1838 applied in the two-way transmission control circuit
A new two-way infrared transmission control circuit using the single chip coder and decoder UM3758-108A is designed.The features and usages of infrared emitting diode and receiver TSAL6200/TSOP1838 are introduced. Expand
On Double Insurance
The core of double insurance law is to compensate the loss of the insured and to share the liability between(among) the insurers.The definition of double insurance,its constituent elements and theExpand