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Effects of Cold Shock Treatments on Endogenous Phytohormones Contents and Proteins Variations of Nai-plume Fruits
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to detect endogenous phytohormones (IAA, GA3, ABA, ZR) of Nai-plum fruits (Prunussalicina Lindl.Var.cordata). Through comparing the variationsExpand
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GC-MS Analysis of Volatile Oil Extracted from Indocalamus latifolius Leaves by Simultaneous Distillation and Extraction
The volatile components were extracted from leaves of Indocalamus latifolius by simultaneous distillation and extraction, and analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrum (GC-MS). From total 86Expand
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Research Progress on Anthocyanins and Copigmentation
This article reviewed recent developments in the research of the molecular structure of anthocyanins and their properties, including the mechanism of anthocyanin interactions-copigmentation and theirExpand
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Determination of Polymer Impurity in Cefdinir Capsules by Molecular Exclusion Chromatography
OBJECTIVE:To establish the method for the determination of polymer impurity in Cefdinir capsules.METHODS:Molecular exclusion chromatography was adopted.The chromatographic column was Sephadex G-10Expand
Application of Multi-row Spiral CT Angiography to Head and Neck
Objective To study the value of 64-row and 128-layer spiral CT angiography of head and neck.Methods GE 64-row 128-layer Light Speed VCT spiral CT machine was used to examine 42 patients suspectedExpand
Study on Thermal Degradation Kinetics of Black Peanut Skin Pigments
The quantitative analysis for the heat degradation of black peanuts skin pigments(BPSP)in pH 3.4 and pH 4.5 were studied.The result indicates that,the thermal degradation kinetics of BPSP was aExpand
Study on Sensory Evaluation Method of Dried Bean Curd Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method was developed and used to evaluate the sensory quality of eight different brands of dried bean curds,and the factors of evaluation includedExpand
Clinical significance of prenatal ultrasonography for diagnsing single umbelical artery associated with congenital structure anomalies.
Objecitive:To study the prenatal sonographic dingnosis of single umbilical artery(SUA) associated with congenital structure anomalies,to supply bases for clinical diagnosis and treatment.Methods: ToExpand
Microstructure of T92 Heat Resistant Steel Manufacturing by TCMP
The microstructure of T92 steel(9Cr-0.5Mo-1.8W-V-Nb) used for power plant was studied by optical microscope,XRD and TEM.The results show that the predominant phases in T92 steel are temperedExpand
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Study on the copigmentation of the black peanut skin pigment with organic acids
The copigmentation of several kinds of organic acid with black peanut skin pigment(BPSP) was studied in order to broad the application scope of BPSP.The results indicated that the malonic acid,maleicExpand