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LEACH is a popular hierarchical routing protocol which efficiently maintains the energy storage of nodes in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The nodes using LEACH are divided into clusters. The randomized rotation of cluster head in each cluster can save the energy consumption of nodes. However, the random election of cluster heads without considering nodes'(More)
AOP (aspect oriented programming) is a programming paradigm for enhancing the degree of modularity in a system and it helps developers to maintain and manage the system easier. A bad smell means that a bad design that may lead to negative effects while developing a software system. Bad smells may also appear in the system that is developed using AOP(More)
Energy is the most important parameter of sensor nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network. Energy Efficiency is one of the challenging issues. One of the solutions is data aggregation which will in turn reduce the traffic on the network. Data aggregation can be done through Clustering Scheme and this scheme will extend the lifetime of a sensor node through(More)
In recent years, advances in several key technologies in Internet of Things (IoT), such as radio-frequency identification, wireless sensor network, embedded intelligence and nanotechnology, and micro electro mechanical systems have brought enormous progresses in developing IoT-based applications. IoT integrates heterogeneous intelligent devices and supports(More)
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